Market Research


Accurate, in depth and factual data is the pillar of all flourishing business ventures as it provides a treasure of right information about its prospects as well as the customers, competitor, etc. Our market research team help in determining the feasibility of business before deploying resources to the venture.

Market research data provides accurate data to help solve critical marketing hurdles that every business will face which is an integral part of any business cycle. Market research predominantly requires two kinds of data- Primary information & Secondary information.


Telephonic Interview

Our team of researcher has the expertise to conduct telephonic interview globally. We render business to customer as well as business to business surveys, detailed interviews. Our researchers have the expertise on the lines of...

Group Survey

These kinds of survey are the trending ways to gather much information at a given point of time from industry experts. We have right set of in-house experts to efficiently conduct such survey and bringing out validated information.

In depth Interview

These are face to face interviews either focused or nondirective. Focus interviews rely upon questions which are selected before the interview, on the other hand nondirective interviews encourage the individual to address...

Competitive Landscaping

In this competitive scenario, we help in identifying who is the competitor of our client, we analyse weak spot as well as strong hold of the competitor. Projecting competitive landscape help our clients...

Market Analysis

With immense experience, SciSigma has assisted its clients in their ever-growing business plans, market strategies. Market analysis is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of market. It gives an image of the market in terms of...

SWOT Analysis

It's a unique technique to know and understand one’s own Strength and weakness and to look out for right opportunity and possible threat to business functions. Our in-house researchers have extensive experience in conducting SWOT analysis across various...

Competitive Advantage Analysis

There are many ways business can achieve competitive advantages. Companies that can achieve competitive advantage in the market are able to offer products at less cost or higher product differentiation...

Brand Positioning

- We assist our clients to ideate, create and hold a unique place and optimum value for their brand in the market. Our researcher constructs a position strategy for organizations with our in-depth expertise in primary and secondary research to understand...

Win/Loss Analysis

Our experts help in diving deep and coming with accurate insights for understanding why specific opportunity won and why another opportunity was lost with a business.

Why is win/loss analysis important for business unit?

It Provides-

To align sales and marketing in a systematic way

SWOT analysis to tune strategies

How market perceive your image
Value proposition to prospects and customers

Differentiating products from competitors

To keep close check on end-to-end sales process