Technology Research


SciSigma Solution focuses across a wide range of industries to look out for technical aspects that are trending and when combined to deliver the best quality and validated the solution. We utilize a wide variety of knowledge databases with strategic and exhaustive technical insights to give innovative thought process to distinctly identify technologies and combination of technologies that fulfill client's problems and give them an edge in the market. We have proved in identifying technology solutions to critical and tough R&D issues. We provide brainstorming ideas to improvise companies existing product range as well as an innovative idea for a new product. Our research provides technological solutions to minimize risk and to make smart business decisions.

White Space Analysis/ Gap Identification

In a world where every company strives to be on the leading path of innovation, it becomes important to explore markets that have a lot of potentials but are underserved and exploring those gaps to ideate.

Competitive Intelligence

To provide our clients with a competitive edge in the industry, our experts strategically monitor their competitors which help them to look out for internal intelligence, external intelligence and in-depth information related to the business.


Open innovation brings the best solution to reduce the risk and open the path to success. Open innovation provides breakthroughs, discover new ideas to enable a company to connect with already developed technology or with someone developing the technology.

Open innovation proves to be a replacement for internal R&D or can provide a solution to a problem in an existing R&D research.

Open innovation provides a roadmap to companies through it's out of the box results and helps them to grow in the technology market.

Technology Scouting

With technological advancement, product knowledge and features have set its footprint globally. Companies have started looking out of their traditional R&D departments for alternate technology solutions and innovation. SciSigma helps scout for innovation, and benchmark their R&D strategies to have a positive impact in the industry. For many corporates, technology scouting has become an essential activity that strives for innovation. Our in-house experts provide solutions that would help them to collaborate with innovative technology.

Our tech scouting team assist companies in understanding the technology arena with recent advancement. We conduct in-depth technical analysis to bring out key points that help in taking strategic decision for R&D of a specific product.

Approaches for technology scouting are:

Problem Solution Approach

This study provides an out of the box solution to a problem encountered during an R&D or our team helps in identifying potential alternatives for the existing product specification to help our customers stand apart.

Concept Identification

It starts with how to think differently or out of the domain. This approach provides an exclusively novel approach to a concept and the ideas are different from the technology domain of the concept.



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