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About Us

SciSigma Solution is an international research and analytics company, predominantly focusing on the practice of Crucial Innovation. Our leading research expertise and analytical in-depth knowledge help us to combine non-traditional and conventional consulting approaches to put forward business breakthroughs and leading the market.

Services Portfolio

Services offered by us gives us an opportunity to put forward solutions to specific problems to research institute, IP Law firms, and various corporations. Our services provide a specialized solution to various technical issues through patent analytics, prior art searches, open innovation support, landscape studies and company portfolio analysis.

Our products are based on three verticals Patent Research & Analytics, Technology Research and Market Research.

Patent Research & Analytics

We push our self to provide services that are devised to assist you in best quality and in-depth legal analytics....

Technology Research

SciSigma Solution focus across wide range of industries to look out for technology aspects that are trending....

Market Research

Accurate, in depth and factual data is the pillar of all flourishing business ventures as it provides a treasure of right information....