White Space Analysis/ Gap Identification

In a world where every company strives to be on the leading path of innovation, it becomes important to explore markets that have a lot of potentials but are underserved and exploring those gaps to ideate and innovate. A White Space Analysis helps to unravel underserved and unarticulated areas to come up with new product development and innovation. White Space Analysis is done to look out for gaps where competitive advantage is can be achieved by molding the R&D and Innovation Department in such direction that could stop their competitors to exploit those areas.

Our research on Gap Identification Analysis projects the growth of technology white-gap area where further R&D could be pushed to bring out progressive innovation which further leads to product development. Our in-house experts develop Technology Landscape and show the gaps patents and non-patented literature. Innovative R&D depends upon combined IP insights and technological advancement, our expert analysts help in identifying the innovation white space, scout for innovations.

Competitive Intelligence

STo provide our clients with a competitive edge in the industry, our experts strategically monitor their competitors which help them to look out for internal intelligence, external intelligence and in-depth information related to the business. Few solutions that are provided by SciSigma are business model analysis, benchmarking, forecasting, close watching, profiling, and market opportunity analysis. Our recommendations, in-depth analysis, and conclusions help business to counter competitor's threat, exploit market opportunities which broaden their market share and profits.