Patent Research and Analytics

Prior Art Searching

Novelty Searches

A novelty/ patentability search carried out to meet the essential requirements to obtain a patent i.e., a new (novel) idea, usefulness, and non-obviousness. The search is conducted for a worldwide jurisdiction within the technical field of various patent and non-patent literature documents.

Novelty Searches can be used:
• To clarify whether an invention is new or not
• To evaluate invention disclosures
• To assess the inventive benefit of new products w.r.t patenting
• A basis for founded patent application

Invalidity/ Validity Searches

The purpose of this search is to invalidate one or more claims of a patent. It is an exhaustive prior art search for the documents available on the date of filing. Validity search is conducted to calculate the strength and validity of a patent at the time of merger, acquisition, or licensing of a patent.

Validity search is performed to confirm the enforcement of a patent and usually commissioned when a client needs to assert, license, buy or sell a patent.

The national patent laws of different countries are different and provide grounds to invalidate a patent. Most national laws recognize grounds such as publication of the invention prior to the priority date of the application for patent, prior public knowledge, sales of the invention, or prior public use.

Patent Landscapes

Patent landscape provide a snapshot of a specific technology, within a given country or globally. The results help in developing new products or ideas for the betterment of existing products. Landscape provides chronological developments of a technology domain, gaps or whitespaces, competitors and potential areas of research.

Patent Landscape is a multistep process, require software and human intelligence to extract value from the vast amount of information. Patent landscape provides insights for the available technology and products.

The patent landscape analysis is performed to generate novel & new technology, to identify possible companies or technologies for licensing or acquisition, to sidestep litigation by designing around others’ technology, or to avoid investment of time and money on duplicating technology that has been already in the market.

Early insights for innovations competitors and their inventors are provided for pipeline products and existing in trend products. These insights are helpful in marketing, competitive intelligence, and planning commercial strategy.

Freedom to Operate Studies (FTO)

FTO is conducted to support the clearance of a product in the market without infringing the intellectual property rights of others. Our team performs a thorough search for the potential barriers before launching the product in the market.

Freedom to Operate Searches can be used:
• Clear your products, technologies, and processes for risk-free launch in    the market
• To conduct risk assessments for patent infringement
• To understand your licensing needs
• To direct your product development programs in the right direction

Patent Infringement Searches

Infringement search is conducted to determine whether your product infringes the patent claims of others.

Infringement search mainly conducted very early in the product cycle to avoid wasting valuable efforts of R&D. An added advantage can be taken by conducting a preliminary Patent Infringement Search along with Novelty Search to avoid potential infringements. This also helps in directing the search for proper product development.

Patent infringement search is conducted only for the patents in force (exclude expired patents, non-patent literature) and searches only within the country where the product is intended to be marketed.

State Of The Art Searches

State of the art search provides information about the current progress in a technical field. The study provides solution to the technical problem and to identify new technical trends.

Structure Searching

Structure searches performed for the chemical compounds and entities disclosed in the patents which cannot be captured by the keywords. This search carried out in a specialized database STN (REGISTRY, MARPAT).

Watch Services

Patent Watch for Technology

For the latest developments in the technology of interest SciSigma provides service to keep a watch on latest patent filings. The study is conducted to identify various business opportunities.

Patent Watch for Legal Status

Legal status patent watch gives an idea to keep a check on legal statuses of their competitors' patents and to develop their R & D and patenting strategy. This service also provides information on inactive patents within a technology and allow the clients to freely launch their products accordingly.

Competitor Patent Watch & Company Portfolio Analysis

This service monitor and track the patenting activity of the client's competitor, to develop the focus of their R & D strategy. This service includes company portfolio analysis to know their own strengths or to track the portfolio of their competitor.

Patent to product mapping:

With growing competition to be an industry leader companies want to keep a close check on their competitors/new companies which they want to keep as their potential M & A. Small companies with their strong patent keep a low profile in their business department. Large companies who wish to increase their patent folio without investing huge amount of money in R & D could target such small companies for their innovative technology. One should also keep a close check on their competitor by matching their patents with their products which help companies to know competitor’s weakness and stronghold. This gives Patent Attorney and in-house counsel in evaluating the coordination of patents to its product portfolio and help to assess whether they need to acquire another patent technology to strengthen their defence.

Advantages that you would derive-
• Patent strength of start up for M & A
• Less R & D investment
• Find strong products for collaborations
• Weak and strong areas of competitor
• Close check on competitor’s business activity
• Identifying weak patent for out licensing opportunities

Patent to technology mapping:

The study involves two phases, a patent to technology mapping and then a technology to product mapping. The examination of claims executed to analyze the technology and then the products are examined to analyze the technology.

Market Watch

SciSigma provides cost-effective and efficient market watch services to know the current trends in a technology domain of interest. Many segments covered under market watches such as potential threats for a technology, SWOT analysis, potential licensees, to find out companies for merger and acquisition, to find out the active area of a competitor or the shortcomings of the technology.. This segment also provides market data for a technology from its beginning, the developmental journey to the current scenario.