Open Innovation Support

Problem Solution Approach

This study provides an out of the box solution to a problem encountered during an R&D or our team helps in identifying potential alternatives for the existing product specification to help our customers stand apart.

Our team worked on a food snack adhesive. The adhesive should be edible and without any fat content to adhere the spices to the snack. The application of this adhesive should be easy and without any involvement of heat.

Concept Identification

It starts with how to think differently or out of the domain. This approach provides an exclusively novel approach to a concept and the ideas are different from the technology domain of the concept.

Our team has carried out a research for an alternative to the synthetic surfactants used in cosmetics. These alternatives can be natural or semi-synthetic surfactants used in a domain other than cosmetics but without any side effects on epidermis or any long-term effects on the skin.